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Are you barbeque-slingin' material?

A note from the Manager

Experience preferred

Though it may seem harsh, people who are unable to list any hospitality experience are more numerous than expected, and the truth is, not everybody can do this work.

I understand that a person has to start somewhere, and for some positions, that's okay. There are other positions within the restaurant, however, that require some pros! We can get insanely busy and it helps if someone has a familiarity with the work environment of a restaurant.

Restaurant with the Best Service

We're proud to have been chosen by the readers of as Essex County's "Restaurant with the Best Service".

That kind of accolade comes from a lot of hard work on the part of a few great people. Many restaurants in town would be ecstatic to inherit our crew. (I assume so, anyway, given that they've come for dinner and tried to woo away some of our staff.)

The current state of our crew

My family members here at Smoke & Spice make up one of the best teams I've ever had the pleasure of leading. They make us all look really good on a regular basis. Though it's true that I can be pretty demanding and maybe I don't tell them enough, by and large I still consider them among the best at what they do.

Because our team is truly hospitable and guest-minded, they actually don't sleep well if they feel a guest didn't experience them giving their "all" that day (which is why it happens pretty rarely). Our customers tell us all the time that our people make them feel like they're being welcomed into someone's home.

I wish you luck in being the successful candidate that we choose to adopt as one of our own. I'm told it can be a pretty warm and fuzzy feeling when we do.

Yours in hospitality,

  • Duane Neveu
  • Operations Manager

Positions we need to fill

Having a personality and a pulse is a great start to getting hired. We like our crew to be skilled, but that's just not enough. Besides having a set of skills relevant to the position you're applying for, we need you to be Smoke & Spice material. If you haven't got a naturally hospitable and cooperative personality, and we're able to discern it, you're just not going to get hired. Even after you've gotten the job, a big part of the decision to keep you past your probation will hinge on whether or not you "fit" with the family we've worked so hard to build here.

Familiarity with southern style smoked barbeque is definitely an asset. Before you apply, eating here at least once so that you get what were doing goes a long way.


No positions available


1 - 2 positions available

Position requirements

  • You're available Full-Time: 5 Shifts (varied day and evening shifts from Sunday to Saturday)
  • You do have some restaurant line cooking experience
  • You work and play well with others
  • You have a good feel for food
  • You're able to follow recipes and instructions
  • You show lots of hustle and a good sense of urgency
  • You can take direction well
  • You communicate clearly and effectively
  • You've got a great work ethic, and show positive initiative
  • You understand the importance of respecting your colleagues
  • You work clean

Busser / Food Runner

No positions available

Dishwasher / Prep Cook

No positions available


No positions available